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I’m Katherine, owner of KLH designs.   Before I dive into the many design and art related blog topic ideas overflowing from the pages of my notebook, I’d love to properly introduce myself by sharing with you a peek into what defines me.    

First and foremost, I see life with an artist’s eye.  Bringing ideas to life and creating beauty for others feeds my soul, and in turn, that artistic nourishment inspires me even more.  As both an artist and an interior designer, this continuous circle of creativity radiates in all aspects of my life.  My work is personal, and finding ways to inspire and nurture others is always at the heart of my work.  After countless years as an artist and over fifteen years as an interior designer I’ve come to realize; when your passion spills over into your career, it’s a beautiful, harmonious thing.

Long before I was cognizant of my career aspirations, I was following a path that molded me into the designer and artist I am today. As the daughter of a custom home builder, I was inspired at a young age to create beautiful spaces. After obtaining a BS in Business Marketing from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, I earned a BA in Interior Design from Mount Mary University, turning my passion into a career. Following college, eleven years as an interior designer on the Susan Fredman design team taught me to embrace the concept that anything is possible. This is now a personal mantra, influencing both my design work and artwork to this day.

My ultimate goal is to use this blog as a platform for sharing design tips, inspiration, artwork, and real-life projects, allowing you to realize the full potential of the space you inhabit.  I genuinely hope to someday have the pleasure of meeting you, working with you, or inspiring you in some way.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

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